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Single Emoji Domain

Single Emoji

There are many companies whose names, industries, or social identities are perfectly summed up with a single emoji. Like owning before the Internet boom, these are the rarest of emoji domains.

Double Emoji Domain

Double Emoji

If you miss your opportunity to snag a single emoji domain, not to worry, hitting on the perfect double could be a home run. Imagine a certain produce-named music service, burger-related royalty, or bell-logoed taco joint.

Triple Emoji Domain

Triple+ Emoji

Let your creativity shine. Marketing campaigns using multiple emojis are sure to entertain and engage. How memorable can you make it? Are you an eclectic electric car company, or do just the triple cherries make you a winner?

Our Mission

At Hiro, we aim to ensure anyone, anywhere, can represent themselves online with their own emoji domain. The global and cultural impact emoji have had cannot be understated and we are here to make emoji domains useful and meaningful for generations to come.

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December 06, 2022